Game Profile - The Walking Dead: Season Two - A Telltale Games Series on Xbox 360

The Walking Dead is an episodic video game series based on Robert Kirkman’s award-winning comic books. Season One of The Walking Dead won over 90 Game of the Year Awards.

Season Two continues the Season One story. You are Clementine, a young survivor in a world gone to hell. The dead have risen to feast on the living, and the living cannot be trusted.

As Clementine, you will face situations and dilemmas that test your morals and instinct for survival. The story you experience in The Walking Dead Season Two is driven by the choices that you make.

● Contains all 5 episodes.
● Decisions you made in Season One and in 400 Days will affect your story in Season Two.
● Play as Clementine, an orphaned girl forced to grow up fast by the world around her.
● Meet new survivors, explore new locations and make gruesome choices.

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Game Information

Xbox 360
Telltale Games
Telltale Games
NA Release Date
October 14, 2014
EUR Release Date
October 31, 2014
AUS Release Date
October 31, 2014
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MVGL User Score
Jared Emerson-Johnson
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