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Road Rash

Road Rash Sega CD

Road Rash is the name of a motorcycle-racing video game series by Electronic Arts in which the player participates in violent, illegal street races. The series started on the Sega Genesis and made its way to various other systems over the years. The game's title is based on the slang term for the severe friction burns that can occur in a motorcycle fall where skin...

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NBA Jam Sega CD

NBA Jam is a basketball arcade game developed by Midway in 1993. It is the first entry in the NBA Jam series. The main designer and programmer for this game was Mark Turmell. Midway had previously released such sports games as Arch Rivals in 1989, High Impact in 1990, and Super High Impact in 1991. The gameplay of NBA Jam is based on Arch Rivals,...

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Flashback: The Quest for Identity

Flashback: The Quest for Identity Sega CD

You've lost your mind! You're trapped on a distant planet inhabited by aliens plotting to overtake the Earth. The only problem is - you don't even know who you are! To stop the alien attack, you must discover your true identity and fight your way back through the galaxy to warn Earth! • Winner of Two Sega Seal of Quality Awards for Best Graphics & Best...

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Captain Tsubasa

Captain Tsubasa Sega CD

Captain Tsubasa for the SEGA CD is a football game that follows the style of Tecmo Cup. Just like the Japanese version of Tecmo Cup, it is based on the anime series that narrate the adventures of the young Tsubasa, from his beginnings in the Nankatsu team, till the end of the National Championship, where he will compete against his biggest rival in the series,...

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Cyborg 009

Cyborg 009 Sega CD

Cyborg 009 is a side-scrolling platform action game based on the famous manga and anime series created by Shōtarō Ishinomori. The story begins with Joe (009) and France (003) encountering a mysterious young girl who seems to have some connection with the evil organization Black Ghost. The player controls Joe, who must use his cyborg super-speed and a powerful laser pistol to fight his way...

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Shin Megami Tensei

Shin Megami Tensei Sega CD

The original struggle between Law and Chaos, Shin Megami Tensei poses the question: What is right and what is wrong? What happens when the boundaries are ambiguous? Although both Law and Chaos have their respective deities, neither side can be designated as "good" or "evil." Which side do you fall into and what choices will you make? Your decision will change the fate of the...

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Heart of the Alien: Out of this World - Parts I and II

Heart of the Alien: Out of this World - Parts I and II Sega CD

A combination package of Out of This World and its sequel, Heart of the Alien. As a bonus, this Sega CD disc includes the original Out of this World, so that you can seamlessly play both adventures as if they were one long game. Enter the award-winning sci-fi universe created by game designer Eric Chahi. It's a cool blue world where the past and future...

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Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park Sega CD

This is the Sega CD game based on the 1993 Steven Spielberg movie based on the book by Michael Crichton. This game differs greatly from other Jurassic Park games. It is a point-and-click adventure game, with a strong emphasis on action sequences which require split-second timing. The story takes place after the events of the movie/book. You are sent back to Jurassic Park to retrieve dinosaur...

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Popful Mail

Popful Mail Sega CD

The cute bounty hunter known as Popful Mail looks like she would have no trouble making a living slashing bad guys with her sword. In reality Mail is having a hard time making ends meet. One day, however, she learns about a magician who has gone rogue and has a hefty bounty on his head. Her adventure begins as Popful fights her way through a...

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Cadillacs and Dinosaurs: The Second Cataclysm

Cadillacs and Dinosaurs: The Second Cataclysm Sega CD

The Xenozoic age, a world 600 years in the future, where dinosaurs of the past co-exist with men and women of the future in a desperate struggle for survival. Power your '53 Cadillac through 9 post apocalyptic levels of danger as jack "Cadillac" Tenrec and Hannah Dundee race through treacherous jungles full of poachers, predators and un-natural hazards, to stop the Second Cataclysm and restore...

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Illusion City: Gen'ei Toshi

Illusion City: Gen'ei Toshi Sega CD

The graphics/art style, music, the RPG and exploration mechanics, and the story and setting feel like if Shin Megami Tensei and Snatcher had a child this would be the result. It looks aesthetically awesome, the music sounds pretty darn good, and the story, urban setting and themes of the game are a breath of fresh air....

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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Sega CD

The evil galactic sorceress, Rita Repulse, and her army of space aliens are back. It's up to you to help our teenage heroes defeat her and save the planet Earth! This take on the Power Rangers franchise is different from the many other Power Ranger games as it features FMV with real video of the actual TV show. The footage is spliced from nine different episodes...

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Shadowrun Sega CD

It is twenty-first century, and the humanity faces a difficult period that follows devastating wars and other disasters. Magic and technology co-exist, supernatural powers, mythical creatures, ghosts, cyberspace, where hackers meet and fight each other, street deckers which can be hired to do the dirty work, anarchy and struggle between mighty and corrupt corporations - this is the world of Shadowrun. Unlike the two other...

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The Amazing Spider-Man vs. the Kingpin

The Amazing Spider-Man vs. the Kingpin Sega CD

Enter a vicious web of danger and disaster! The Kingpin of Crime frames Spider-Man for planting a bomb in New York; and Spidey's only hope is to find the keys to the bomb's location before it explodes. Help Spider-Man stick it to the Kingpin and his horde of vicious assassins along the way. Enter hand-to-hand combat with Dr. Octopus! Put the Sandman to sleep! Use...

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Earthworm Jim: Special Edition

Earthworm Jim: Special Edition Sega CD

This special edition includes the most requested features from the EWJ fan club. So if you were a little intrigued by the original title, wait till you see it on CD! A password system - so you can start where you left off. New world and new hidden areas - Big Bruty is a totally hilarious new world, full of new adventures. A new weapon...

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Snatcher Sega CD

A.D. 2047. Neo Kobe City, Japan, a place of madness and decadence... A mysterious Bio-roid life form has appeared. Its true nature and purpose are unknown. Is it some country's secret weapon, or an alien from another world? They slay their victims and take their place, earning them the nickname "SNATCHERS." A new police division - J.U.N.K.E.R.s - has been formed. They are trained specifically...

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Shining Force CD

Shining Force CD Sega CD

Join the Shining Force in their valiant struggle to beat back the power-mad King Iom and his invading army! To defeat his evil horde and save the Kingdom of Cypress, it will take cunning strategy, magic spells, and even hand-to-hand combat! Remake of the games Shining Force Gaiden and Shining Force Gaiden II that were originally for the Game Gear....

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Keio Flying Squadron

Keio Flying Squadron Sega CD

Strap on your bunny ears and save the world! Go ahead and laugh, funny boy. But get it all out now becasue we're talking "shooter" here. A blistering, "mommy-help-me-I'm-scared," Sega CD shooter. And when you've got the U.S. Navy, the Russian Army, the Seven Gods of Good Fortune and an entire raccoon militia in your face, you'll be glad you're wearing a sexy tutu with...

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Mickey Mania: The Timeless Adventures of Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mania: The Timeless Adventures of Mickey Mouse Sega CD

Mickey has friends wherever he goes. Not here. No Goofy! No Minnie! No mercy! This is Mickey Mouse like you've never seen him before. Faster, tougher and smarter than ever. In 26 action-packed levels, Mickey takes on a ton of bosses from six of his coolest animated classics. From Steamboat Willie, The Mad Doctor and Moose Hunters to Lonesome Ghosts, Mickey and the Beanstalk and...

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Ecco the Dolphin

Ecco the Dolphin Sega CD

Life is a surging tide of adventure for Ecco, the powerful young dolphin. A sudden storm tears Ecco's family from their home. Now Ecco, all alone, must plunge into a treacherous quest to save the dolphins - and quite possibly the world! Tackle all the bold adventure of the Genesis game transformed into the brilliance of Sega CD! Leap and dive through incredible sea animations...

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Ecco: The Tides of Time

Ecco: The Tides of Time Sega CD

Ecco is faster, more powerful but engulfed in danger! The ruthless Vortex has shattered Ecco's mentor, the mystical Asterite. Ecco and Trellia, a stunning dolphin of the future, must cross 100 million years of time to restore the Asterite and save life on Earth! Over 40 levels of spectacular aquatic adventure, plus five stages of challenging 3D travel through vast oceans. Touch video glyphs to...

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