"This is the end, will you fight or defend ?"

✨Oh, hello my friends✨ helloo.gif

So, I'm italian and yes, I'm a girl

I've started play with games when I was an innocent (?) little kid 🦄

🏵 Feel free to talk with me, I don't bite 🍻

🏵 I think, that I'm in love with Asgore's theme 🍬 not only with that... (whistle)

🏵 Check out my blog for the missing games of my list and other funny stuff !

🏵 Be my friend on Miiverse ! Sharinflan

🏵 Vocaloid fan here 📣 my favorite is Nekomura Iroha even if her VP is a male despite she is a female whistle

🏵 So shining, here my MAL account Tamamohime ✨

🏵 Thanks to a friend who gave me the advice of this app, now I'm available also on TV Showtime as : Soleil

🏵 I'm back (or almost) active on Instagram so take a look at my trash, if you want...

🏵 On which consoles I'm actually active

  • PS4 :

Sharinflan01 (EU main account)

Onihime (US account)

xIX_Kurohime_Xx (JP account)

  • 3DS :

Sharinflan (Roxy)

  • Mobile :

Remilia Ramza Scarlet

  • PC (Steam) :




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