Game Review - The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on Nintendo Wii U

Written by Yosafire on March 15, 2017 @ 12:23 am

For most Zelda fans out there, we are all used to the whole 'Go into a temple, beat it, move onto the next, get the master sword, and beat ganon." minus the on the side quest that most Zelda game has, does are usually how the game goes. It isn't until Nintendo decide to change things up for once and make a new Zelda game that was different from it's brothers, so how does the game hold up? Well I'm here to tell you that.

Story: 9/10

Breath of the wild story feels like it was a mix of trying to be original but at the same time give a little mix of the other stories in the old Zelda games. The story I can say for myself was something that did caught my interest, it made me want to do more of the main quest rather than the side quest. I will admit at times, things did got a little boring like the beginning in the game felt a bit slow at first than it should be but after that the game gets pretty better. Sad to say, the only downside to this is that the story itself can be a different for each player, what I mean by that is that the game feels like that there is an order of how the story should go like but you never know since you are giving the chance to go whatever you want to, so some times you may go into cut screens or things that it out of place but you don't notice it until later on or.. until you look it up online. But it isn't much of a big thing, just something to be mindful of when it comes to the story. Don't be surprised if you get something out of order lucky for you the game never has a problem with that so it isn't like you are going to get your butt hurt or anything from the game.

gameplay: 8/10

i've only played the Wii U version, i don't own the switch and won't be owning the it until way later on in the summer. Sorry I can't say much about the switch, but the control in the game is perfect and feels great. going to admit a few of the buttons feels out of places or doesn't feel like it should have been that button they have decided to pick. But it isn't something you need to worry about too much, especially if you got pretty good memories when it comes to what each button and control does for the game.

weapons and other things do break in the game. the game does not hold your hand at all, unlike other zelda games you would always have your hands hold all the time making things pretty easy but in breath of the wild that is thrown out of the window. This game isn't easy, this is coming from a long time zelda fandom who is usually pretty good when it comes to zelda game but the gameplay in breath of the wild made things so hard, getting weapons only to end up breaking soon, having items that will either be something you saved up or be gone very quick, losing your health a lot when it comes to fighting enemies, and well enemies killing you many times.

it sounds like a lot but if you are a person who like a little challenge in their game than high chance, you will like the game play a lot. sadly for me i didn't like the game too much since i'm a little too used to having my hand hold but this isn't something that i will end up losing sleep from.

music: 9/10

the music in this game is beautiful, it does reuse all music from other zelda games i will admit. but for any old time zelda fan, this isn't anything new at all since Nintendo has done this many times when it comes to other zelda games.

art: 7/10

the art in the game is all right, at times i like it but there was times i was very eh with the art especially when it came to how Link looked. But it could be due to the lighting in the game but aside from that the art is fine to say the least.

characters: 7/10

as to be expected, there isn't much when it comes to the characters in the game. If you are hoping to be able to bond and get to know everything about the character. sad to say you ain't going to get that here, zelda game has always done this, the only time i was different was the N64/3DS the legend of zelda majora's mask which in that game the main focus was the side quest and the people not so much the main story.

most characters Link are friends with is characters that is long gone, or you only see when it comes to Link's memories or seeing a ghost of them and that's it. There is a few interesting characters that I did love a lot but since the game doesn't give me much information about the other characters, i can't say much.

Zelda only show up when it comes to memories Link gets and hearing Zelda say whatever she feels the need to say to link. As you can tell Zelda isn't much of a main part in the game and isn't a character you will see until you fight Ganon. But that doesn't mean Zelda has little to no character, when it comes to Link's memories you see Zelda at first acting like she dislike Link and everything but soon notice that Zelda has been dealing with a lot of things during home and isn't much of a 'happy' princess as what she likes to play it off as. I will say I did feel really sorry for Zelda whenever I was able to find any memory of the past.

As for Link.. Link in this game is one of the most boring characters for me. Link has no memories what so ever about his past and will only get it if the player wants to get it, Link doens't talk or do much in the memories aside follow Zelda, save her, and train. We are giving very little reactions, when it came to other Links they had at least some things that made them very interest. Especially wind waker Link who had the most interesting character and reacting in the game, making him pretty relatable to players. But this Link.. not so much.

overall: 9/10

The game is great, i can't say it's a perfect game however, the game has it flaws like every video game has but I will say it is one of the big zelda game as of right now and is something i will say everybody should at least give a try out. To see if this game is your cup of tea, if it isn't then cool all right. But if it is then good for you! I would say pay the game either the Wii U version or the Switch version. There isn't anything at all different in the version so you don't need to worry about one version beating the other version since Nintendo has said both version of the game is the same thing.

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March 3, 2017
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