Happy New Year!

Hi Gamers!

This year has gone by so incredibly quickly. I feel like we were just beginning 2014. I hope everyone has had a fun, game-filled 2014! I know we've got a bunch of games and game-related things to look forward too in 2015! Xbox One and Playstation 4 are going on their second year. Nintendo Wii is hanging in there, I know I'm certainly looking forward to the new Legend of Zelda game.

What games is everyone looking forward too?

Around the site, we've been working on various bug fixes and building our database. As you've likely noticed we've gotten swamped with requests and are quite behind in adding them into our database. We're looking for immediate fulfillment of two positions on our team, a Game Submitter and a Games Database Administrator. You can find out more about what these positions are and what the job entails on our jobs page. We're looking for people who have some time to dedicated and want to help build our library of games.

Often I see the question, why can't anyone add games into the database? The answer is quite simple. Quality. When MyVideoGameList previously opened we did allow anyone to add games into the database. This seemed like a great idea at first, but when we started getting tons of poorly put together descriptions and game information we had to stop. The quality of database is very important. We want information about each game to be correct and of the best quality. In order to do this, we have a team of wonderful people who gather all the required information and then another team of equally as wonderful people to review and double check that information and then finally add the game into our database.

That said, please, if you have time and are looking to help out a good cause, please, visit our jobs page, we'd love to have people who understand what we're trying to do and want to help us build a great site, join our team. Just a few hours a week, would really help us out!

To everyone who has used and enjoyed using our website in 2014, thank you. Thank you for being apart of our growing community. Thank you to those of you who submit suggestions on how we can make our community better. I personally read through each suggestion and we've gotten some really really good suggestions. I really hope I can find the time and knowledge to learn how to add this suggestions to the site so they become reality! MyVideoGameList has been a HUGE learning project for me. It's been completely coded from the ground up. I do this all in my spare time, but it's definitely been well worth it to have been able to build such a fantastic community with amazingly passionate gamers and community members.

In the last few months we were able to squish lots of bugs and add a couple new features:

  • Issues with game names in email notifications were fixed
  • Username mentioning in the chatroom was made possible (will be expanded to the entire site soon)
  • We've added new staff to the team
  • Added verbiage to the review page when no one had completed or favorited the game
  • Switched from using Emojify to EmojiOne
  • Fixed a bug when editing your profile
  • Allowed users to setup forum signatures
  • Fixed an issue where HTML was being stripped from the welcome comment left on new user profiles
  • Show a message in the chatroom if no users are online
  • New profile fields have been added (e.g., Twitch)
  • FontAwesome was updated
  • Added a message to the search results page showing user what they searched for
  • If there was only one result for a search then we send the user to it
  • The game names are now shown in the URLs for reviews
  • Custom error pages
  • Show new message if no search results - direct user on how to submit a request in forums
  • Fix issues when trying to set a game to replaying
  • Change emoji images to Twemoji
  • Resolved issues related to setting and updating forum signatures
  • Use icons on the profile pages, saves room
  • Fix an issue with privacy settings not being respected in the feed
  • Add pagination to the platform pages
  • Allow users to rate various aspects of games when writing reviews
  • Fix an issue with start and finish dates when editing a game on your list

It's definitely been a busy last few months, and our todo list isn't getting any smaller!

Thank you again for being apart of our community! Happy 2015! Here's to another awesome year of gaming! 🌠 🌠 🌠

Written by jimmyb on January 02, 2015 @ 1:11 pm


January 03, 2015 @ 8:11 am iNFERNAL
A big happy new year for you guys aswell, keep up the good work with the site and don't let us down! ^^ Game on.

January 09, 2015 @ 3:20 am hidetheglove
resident evil HD, the order 1886 and bloodborne.

January 15, 2015 @ 4:05 am novurdim
I'm looking forward to the appearance of at least one db administrator. Should we send a recovery team?

January 15, 2015 @ 4:05 am novurdim
I'm looking forward to the appearance of at least one db administrator. Should we send a recovery team?

January 15, 2015 @ 4:05 am novurdim
I'm looking forward to the appearance of at least one db administrator. Should we send a recovery team?

February 04, 2015 @ 10:34 am jimmyb

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