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MVGL's Gaming Challenge 2019

January 02, 2019 @ 3:47 pm

Challenge list:

  1. Play a game you did not finish last year - Chrono Trigger (PC) - Completed 27/01/2019
  2. Play 10 matches online or an entire co-op campaign with another MVGL user
  3. Play a game released in 2019 - Devil May Cry 5 (PS4)
  4. Play a game featured in a collection
  5. Play a PC/Mac game which is NOT available on Steam
  6. Play a console exclusive game - Kingdom Hearts III (PS4) - Finished 08/02/2019
  7. Play a game that features an anti-hero or a villain as the protagonist - Bayonetta 2 (Nintendo Switch)
  8. Play a game that allows the player to make different decisions to change the course of the story
  9. Play a game that features character customization
  10. Play a game that features cel-shaded animation - Okami HD (PC)
  11. Play a Strategy game - Brütal Legend (PC)
  12. Play a Point & Click adventure game - Life is Strange (PC)
  13. Play a First Person Shooter
  14. Play a game from a genre you rarely play
  15. Play a game that got a "Hard“ for the MVGL Difficulty Rating - Hotline Miami (PC) - Started 27/01/2019
  16. Play a game that was favorited by more than 50 MVGL users
  17. Play a game that more than 1000 MVGL users have added to their lists
  18. Play a game with a score of 8.5 or higher
  19. Play a game recommended to you by another challenge participant
  20. Pick 6 games you want to play and assign them numbers 1-6, roll a dice and play the game with that number