SW:TOR - Good game with bad gamedesign decisions

November 21, 2017 @ 12:49 am

I dropped Star Wars: The Old Republic. It is a good game with, hands down, the best cinematic trailers for videogame. But if you just want to play the game, it is not going to happen. Almost every game feature has two states - "free and useless" or "expencive and somehow useful". Constant reminder to F2P player they are doing that wrong, and punishing players for not paying. Great example - after achieving level 20 the game shows you a message, which says something like "You now get xp gain reduction, higher prices at npc shops and more of that. You can subscribe at our website." This is the biggest mistake, which turns me off the game. And i considered buying the expancions at some point. There is the easy way to fix this mistake - do not tell F2P players that they will suck at game, tell them that premium players will get significant boosts. It will not be seen as a drawing out their money, but as a feature. Bioware, developers of SW:TOR, are EA company, and at the time of writing this post, the EA is having trouble with their microtransactions and lootboxes in SW:Battlefront II. People do not want to pay for basic things, they need a choice - to buy or not to buy. It's bad, that everything is happening with SW universe, and that EA will have exclusive right for SW games for some time.

I hope, that somebody will read this and will share his opinion on all of this. Thanks for reading.


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