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April 08, 2020 @ 2:00 pm

Top 1 games of 2020

  • Yakuza 0

2020 games

1. Yakuza 0

MMMMMM. I decided to play this game so I had something to talk about with my friend Thaisthetic. My friend Thaisthetic does not talk about this game and now I'm always looking to talk to somebody about it. After mistakenly listening to my friends advice I started the game in normal mode and waited for the game to begin. And I waited a while, the cutscenes and dialogue bored me and I just wanted to jump into the game. It felt like the game got less cutscene intensive as it went on, and while that is true I also got immersed into the story which took away the feeling of "zzzz lemme just play already".Another misconception I had at the start was that I didn't like Majima as a character, when in reality I just liked Kiryu more and wanted to go back. Because of my focus on story, especially on Majimas end, even after the game had finished there was so much left to do that I have more hours post main story and I'm still not done. The substories are interesting and its good how it reminds you of them either by the cast joining your company or sending letters to dolce kamiya. I love the small but packed open world kind of thing. The normal OST has a few bangers but the disco and karaoke songs are on a whole other level (except I wanna take you home, just pretend that one doesn't exist). The combat system has depth that I originally missed out on by cheesing my way through the game on normal difficulty, but once I was forced to get better through climax battles and the coliseum on hard I found out how good it was. This is already huge and there's definitely more that I could write. Apparently this game is not for everyone but they are missing o u t.

2. NFS Underground 2

It was alright, not really worth playing in 2020. Too easy. Having to drive around to find the shops isn't too bad but forcing you to make your car ugly to advance in the game is just cruel. I accidently skipped through all the cutscenes throughout the game except the last ones because I didnt realise they were cutscenes and they were about 5 pixels. Judging from the few I did see, I didn't miss much. It's fun because the cars go vroom and race around but that might be because I haven't played many racers. It all started to feel very samey which didn't go well with the low difficulty. The final race was somehow the easiest in the game? Not sure what was going on there. It didn't help that it was also the longest. The one thing that did stand out is the soundtrack. You will know all the songs off by heart if you play this game, and can understand the lyrics to Black Betty.

3 Mega Man X

It was alright because I used a guide. If I tried to go about it by looking for the powerups and boss weaknesses myself I would have given up. Not only is the final boss a huge diffspike but every time you die on the stage you have to farm the slugs for weapon energy so you can actually damage them and then climb all the way up, and do all 3 phases. Its annoying, probably because I suck at the third phase

4 Hitman: Blood Money

Good game that d o e s n t w o r k. You have the freedom to approach the leven in a few ways and at first my strategy was kill literally everyone because I didn't know there was a map which turned out to be very essential on your first playthrough. But, apart from the song playing on the title screen, the best part about the game is that after you've finished your first playthrough and know the maps/who you're actually supposed to kill you can either play the game on the highest difficulty, which removes your map and the ability to save or you can play on the same difficulty and just go for a higher rank, or do it in a more fun way. I would have done that if it weren't for a glitch where the game crashes more often the more levels I beat. Just to load in to the final levels I had to turn all the graphics settings to the lowest, and after 1 level on my second playthrough I could never play again. Even after a reinstall with all save data removed, somehow the problem wasn't fixed.

5 Street Fighter III: Third Strike

Played this for yolmpics 2020, and my experience from SFA3 carried over into this game so I could get a decent score/1cc pretty quickly. This game proved I was mistaken in thinking I only liked the SFA series, and not the main games. Has a nice vibe, second only to tekken 4 in fighting games I've played. I only played properly with chun-li because I played her in SFA3 but I might come back and learn Makoto at some point. Gil is cool af but if this was my first street fighter game his supers would piss me off.

6 Killer7

This one definitely left an impression on me. Its weird in a very good way. It's got the thing that I love going on where you can follow the story but you're not 100% sure what the plot is and it feels like theres another layer to it you're too dumb to understand.The character transition effect will always be cool, and the lines from the smith personas when you flick through the tv are all iconic and I reference them to people who have 0 clue as to what this game is. At first the Heaven Smiles scared me , which is good but towards the end the game was starting to get boring with the repetetive gameplay and "puzzles" where they automatically give you the solution, probably the most annoying part of the whole game. The weird-in-a-good-way vibe and just letting the whole experience sink in after the ending are the real reasons playing this game is worth it. Also that one travis animation in Ulmeyda's level. In the name of Harman...

7 MadWorld

If you feel like having fun by just fucking people up without much of a challenge then this is a good one. Iconic black white and red colour scheme. Being on the wii it makes good use of motion controls so its a great game for psychopaths. The hip hop soundtrack which clearly differes but stays similair work well. Every stage has a time limit which is quite useless as you can reach the requiered score way faster and no one is gonna sit there for half and hour throwing people on to train tracks or whatever. Probably. The game is easy with a capital EZ for a short game, but it works as a short game. I enjoyed the banter from the announcers and the scenes with the black baron. And most importantly, my sister made me a MadWorld birthday card.

8 Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest

Not bad, when I wanted to play something but couldn't be bothered I played this. The soundtrack once again is amazing. I couldn't be bothered to look for secret areas or what not but thankfully they're optional. But at the end the old monkey taunts you over it and tells you to unlock the secret world. Dumb bitch I'm not collecting your coins. The diff goes zoom SNES style towards the end but not too much.

9 Kirby's Adventure

It doesn't feel like an NES game, probably because it came out later in its generation. Nice music and animations and its cool turning into stuff. woooo

10 God Hand

shoutout to Nanaya


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