Enging of Life is Strange

October 20, 2015 @ 3:36 pm

I enjoyed this game. I really did. But this ending was just disappointing. I think I don't need to mention this, but spoiler ahaed.

Don't get me wrong; I loved this episode. Espacially Max' walk through her own inner self was just epic and the rewinded scene was great. It was dark, it was full of emotions and I really enjoyed it. And the way they changed Jefferson's appearience?? Gorgeous! He was one of my fav character behind Chloé but as soon as the first scene in ep 5 started, I hated him so damn much.

But let's talk about the very last ending. Srsly I predicted this already in episode 1. I thought Square Enix could make better and would surprise me, but no, it was just like every other time travel story ever. The first mistake changing the future must be cancelled and Chloé sacrificed for the good of Arcania Bay. Hella boring. Is there really no other ideas for making a story about changing time? Why has always the first change to be cancelled and the most precious character die?? It wasn't even sad anymore, I just was annoyed.

I didn't sacrifice her because of that fact. I know, it was the only right choice to let her be killed but for what? Max tried so many times not to let her die, only for the moments they've got while trying so? There had to be a better reason. Still the right ending, even if I didn't decided so because of defiance, is to save Arcania Bay. The whole town got destroyed. Every person's life except for Max and Chloé. Although I'm one of the persons who ship these two but they never will become happy together. Just imagine every beloved one is dead because of your life. It won't take long, I'm sure that Chloé will be mad at Max. She will ask her why she chose her and that it wasn't right. She will feel guilty for her own living so Max and Chloé can't be friends anymore and maybe even worse. I can't even imagine how Chloé must've feel. Maybe she will even kill herself because she always cared for others. She didn't want her parents to be sad and worried as she couldn't move herself, so she definately don't want to live while her mother and David died in a painful dead.

So you only had the choice between boring mainstream and driving Max and Chloé in depression. This ending destroyed the whole game and I'm srs mad about it.


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