Games Played in 2019

January 09, 2019 @ 3:59 pm

As a counteractive strategy against my terrible memory, I will document my experiences with games which should hopefully help me solidify my feelings about the things I play.

Current top 10 games played in 2019:

  1. RE2make
  2. RDR2
  3. Ace Combat 7
  4. Prey (2017)
  5. Last Window
  6. Valkyria Chronicles 4
  7. Cuphead
  8. Furi
  9. Shenmue 1 HD
  10. What Remains of Edith Finch

Prey (2017)

  1. Surprisingly great game. Had a very good sense of progression where I felt every neuromod I installed was useful and deciding which one to get was always tough. The space station had a nice dark atmosphere and exploring felt very satisfying. Combat was fun albeit repetitive. The guns felt powerful when upgraded and the Typhon powers were fun to use as well. I did feel some enemies like the telepaths and poltergeists were kind of a pain to fight but there aren't too many of them compared to mimics and phantoms. Did not find the story too compelling, felt like a large portion of the audio logs and emails were either there to reveal key locations or complain about their messy relationships. The twist was very cool and well-done however, so it left me with a positive impression.

Last Window: Secret of Cape West

  1. So far it's just more Hotel Dusk which is fine by me. Likable characters, great dialogue, excellent music and Kyle is still one of the best main characters in a video game. Also still has the trademark "I hope you're not emulating this" puzzle which was very annoying. Gotta say it still loses out to the first game so far because it doesn't have some of the more likable characters like Louis and Melissa.

  2. After completion, I have to conclude it was another great gem of a game. True to the first game it presents a compelling mystery, extremely natural dialogue and a cast of characters that all serve a purpose throughout the story. I would have to say I enjoyed the first game more, mostly due to its novelty but also because I prefer the first game's cast. Wil and Betty feel underused while Marie and Rex feel like they bowed out of the spotlight a bit too soon. Last Window has a lot to love as well, however. Tony was a bro just like Louis and had a surprisingly emotional scene where he revealed his own insecurities. Dylan was a perfectly executed character you should hate and the folks at Lucky Cafe did a great job at making you feel at home just like Kyle. Also the Christmas Eve section was just pure good vibes all around. I also appreciated the writers delving into the subject of Kyle's family and I felt like Kyle's attitude toward it was very mature and realistic. His goal is to discover what happened to his dad but he doesn't become uncharacteristically emotional over it, even when he's looking at the same view his dad had when he took a bullet. Overall it was a very enjoyable experience and a very solid followup to one of the best games on the DS. Too bad the dev's dead RIP.

Suikoden II

  1. Feels like the first game but with more substance, less novelty. I do kind of miss the simplicity of the first game and I'm not as compelled to play this one, though that's probably because it just hasn't been long since I finished the first game around Christmas. Nanami's a qt, Jowy's a punk, Luca Blight is a chad the likes of which the world has never seen.

Red Dead Redemption II

  1. Extremely comfy cowboy sim. Looks great and sounds great. I feel the "maintenance" you need to do for your character and horse were blown out of proportion by everyone online so far. Holding X hurts my thumb eventually but I am thoroughly enjoying it. I think I prefer John to Arthur at this point. It's kind of odd I constantly choose the lawful good options in every situation but I still have Arthur constantly saying "I'M A BAD BAD MAN SIR, I AINT A GOOD MAN" but if you look at it from a different perspective it can be seen as him trying to cover up his good nature, I guess.

  2. Now I have finished the game and wew boy what an adventure. Arthur is one of the most sympathetic video game characters I've ever played as. I felt worse about him catching tuberculosis than I feel about most characters' deaths. His voice acting was phenomenal and the progression of his feelings regarding Dutch was perfectly executed. I felt his pain when Dutch tried to leave him to his death at the oil field and when he stepped on the gun in the final scene. He also singlehandedly raised my opinion of realistic graphics in video games because I doubt the best scenes would have had as much of an impact if I couldn't see the subtle expressiveness of his face. Aside from Arthur, the game is just riddled with excellent highlights like the assault on the Braithwaite manor, Arthur's last conversation with Reverend Swanson, and the whole epilogue which retroactively improved the already great RDR1. The soundtrack was also outstanding, which is a very rare thing to bring up when talking about a western AAA game. Songs like American Venom and That's the Way It Is are perfectly used and really accent the scenes they appear in. The only cons I could raise against the game would be the Guarma chapter was kinda lackluster, the gameplay is satisfying but can get repetitive in long sessions, and Sadie got annoying sometimes, but overall it was a great journey.

Shenmue I HD

  1. Going through the first game after a decade and it's by far the most soulful game ever created. The soundtrack resonates with me and I wish I could live in Tomato convenience store and take daily walks to the You Arcade to play Hang On. Pure unadulterated comfy. Surprisingly the voice acting isn't grating at all, maybe just because of the nostalgia but I feel Ryo's voice fits very well. A lot of people these days say there's no need for Shenmue in the current industry because Yakuza is just better but they offer completely different experiences. I like how nearly everyone in town knows Ryo and can have casual conversations with him. It's a good refresher after the over-the-top nature of Yakuza.

  2. Finished the first game for the 2nd time. The story becomes more compelling in the second half with confronting the mad angels and rescuing Nozomi as well as becoming bros with Goro and saying an emotional farewell to Tom. I didn't notice as a kid but having Ryo finally decide to just take a break and eat a hot dog right before Tom leaves was a great touch. Working at the docks is surprisingly comfy but I feel having to do it for 5 days in a row is a little much, more if you miss something they want you to do on that day. The amount of waiting around you have to do and some annoying combat encounters do drag the game down a bit but in the grand scheme of things the amount of soul poured into the game makes up for it in spades. Overall it holds up a lot better than I expected and I look forward to finally playing Shenmue 2.

Valkyria Chronicles 4

  1. They certainly took it to heart when people asked for "Valkyria Chronicles 1 again please" because it feels extremely similar. Can't say I don't enjoy the return to form. I enjoyed the substantial anime vibes in 2 and the edgy tone of 3 but it really feels the best to just be part of the good guys fighting the good fight as respected adult members of the military. That being said, they didn't have to get rid of the branching classes in the handheld games or go back to the annoying book format. Characters are likable but I haven't gotten too far yet. I miss Edy. I miss Welkin too, Claude aint so bad though.

  2. After finally FINALLY beating it, I can just say it was a good game. Kinda just like VC1 but without the novelty and some things it brought back just got more and more grating as time went on such as going back to the scene select every 10 seconds or having Miles tell me how great my R&D upgrades are every single time. Thankfully the characters remained likable but the villain felt weak and frankly beating the europan empire for the 4th time didn't have much of an impact. Raz was based, maps were fun, final boss was a pain. I really wanted more of that QT DOGGO and he should've been a playable character.

Ace Combat 7

  1. Ace Combat is BACK BABY. Excellent gameplay that's the perfect fusion of simulation and arcade, phenomenal music, gloriously cheesy writing, outstanding visuals. It is also the hardest AC so far but the stress just makes every accomplishment feel that much better. Also the multiplayer is absolutely nuts. Can't wait to try out the VR mode.

  2. Having beaten the game I can confirm it is GOTY 2019. I'd have to say I enjoyed the story of Zero more and there were some annoying parts in the missions but overall it was an outstanding experience with tons of heart-pounding moments like the dogfights with mikhaly, uniting the osean and erusian forces, dropping the shield on the arsenal bird, launching as the independent 3 Strikes squadron, and flying out through the space elevator. A brilliant return to form for one of the best video game series.

Resident Evil 2 Remake

  1. So far everything a remake should be. A revisiting of the creator's vision that's different enough to be fresh while still retaining what made the original so good. Exploring is still satisfying and the new combat feels great besides those fuggers in the sewer. The complaints about the enemies being "bullet sponges" feel silly as the zombies don't really take much more hurt than the ones in the original. I do find myself running low on ammo much more often than the original and it feels more difficult in general especially with the reworked Mr.X. The visuals are fantastic as well and Leon looks the best he's ever been though Claire still looks off for me. I would really like some of the less good REs like 3 and Code Veronica to be remade in this style, they could benefit a lot from it.

  2. After beating it, RE2 remake is one of the best RE games and pretty much the ultimate evolution of the RE formula. I have pretty much no complaints aside from the scenarios not really intersecting well and the G-ADULTS IN THE SEWERS CAN FUG OFF. Mr.X was implemented really well and his meme game is on-point, can't wait to see how they build on it with Nemesis in REmake 3. Wasn't feeling Claire at the beginning but she grew on me and it was kino when she dropped down to fight Berkin. The Sherry section was also kinda annoying and stealth in non-stealth games should be banned by federal law. The Hunk mode was also I N T E N S E and I need info on my extraction point.

The Stanley Parable

  1. That was alright I guess. Pretty creative and the dialogue was fun but there's so little to it. I'm just glad I finished it in under 2 hours so I could refund it or I would have a much more bitter opinion of it.

What Remains of Edith Finch

  1. Similar to the Stanley Parable in that it was very short and I thankfully got a refund. However, Edith Finch was much more intriguing and the presentations of each family member's story as well as the smooth transition from one room to the next were top-notch. My favorite was the druggie brother working at the harbor and engaging in maximum escapism. Cool blend of storytelling and gameplay. I thought swimming out of the womb to the credits was pretty goofy though.


  1. COD campaigns are pretty fun. It held my hand a tad too much but the shooting was satisfying and it's nice going through a simple easy shooter once in a while.


  1. same, the missions were more fun in this one though and there was some surprisingly good atmosphere during the EMP attack. Really got on my nerves when I had to sneak past enemies and they couldn't see me in broad daylight.


  1. Absolutely LIT 1v1 swordfights and maximum tension dodging and parrying with a boppin' soundtrack and oozing style. Don't know what the fug was going on in that story but i don't care because it was absolute kino. The Burst can fug off though.


  1. A total blast. Beautiful visuals, exciting and difficult bosses all with totally unique battles, great controls. It got frustrating at times but that's what made victory all the more satisfying. I guess I'd say my only complaints are that there's no online co-op and very little reason to change your equipment since you can buy the smoke bomb dash right away and giving that up would be pure lunacy.

Ori and the Blind Forest

  1. Dropped after the first hour because it was really boring. Felt like it was trying too hard to be "beautiful" and ultimately felt soulless instead and the combat was more tedious than fun.


  1. The epitome of "fine". Shooting is decent and the powers are cool but the story is lame, combat encounters are weak, and they limit your usage of the powers too much for you to really have fun with them. I think I had more fun using the speed and cloaking to skip encounters than actually fighting. There were also plenty of annoying bits like anytime you're chased by a helicopter and didn't keep a missile launcher just in case and most of the alien fights seriously overstay their welcome. The game usually keeps a good pace though and the human fights can be enjoyable when you're not needlessly overwhelmed.


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