Graciously Accepting Donations

June 07, 2017 @ 9:36 pm

Greetings Gamers,

We at MyVideoGameList want everyone to enjoy using our website. We have donated hundreds if not thousands of our hours of time to ensure this happens. We've also paid out of pocket for all hosting costs and any costs associated with building and maintaining the website. I have attempted to hold off as long as possible in formally requesting monetary donations or offers of any sort because I never wanted someone to feel obligated to pay for using our website. Unfortunately, the amount of money required to run has become a value that I and the team are unable to meet.

MyVideoGameList was originally developed for use between myself a small group of friends. It's quite obvious though, that has greatly grown over the last few years. I'm glad though, it's given each of us a chance to come together to not only keep an organized list of the video games we've played and enjoyed by to make some new friends.

Each month we spend $150 to keep MyVideoGameList online. Up until now, 100% of that has been paid out of pocket by myself and several staff members. If you enjoy using our site and find it helpful, $5.00 would greatly help us out. Think about, if 30 members (0.08% of all users on the site), donated $5.00 we'd be all set!

Regardless of whether or not you chip in, we hope you'll always enjoy using our website! ❤️ 🎮