Game Profile - Ehrgeiz on Sony PS Vita

The worlds's most brutal tournament has as its trophy the legendary weapon 'EHRGEIZ'.
Now, fighters from around the world assemble to claim this prize and its mysterious power.

3 Intense Playing Modes:

▶ Arcade Fighting Action
● Over ten playable characters, a cast of hidden characters, and favorites from Final Fantasy VII.
● Complete 360 degree range of motion: battle hand-to-hand, with weapons, or with devastating combos and special moves.
● Multiple-level, fully interactive arenas.

▶ Challenging Mini-Games
● Compete in tests of speed, skill, and dexterity in any of four unique mini-games.

▶ Full-featured RPG Adventure
● Descend into ever-changing random dungeon layouts in search of treasure, ever-stronger weapons, and answers.

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Game Information

Sony PS Vita
Square Enix
JP Release Date
August 28. 2012
CERO Rating
MVGL User Score
Takayuki Nakamura
Official Website

This game also exists on:
Playstation 3 Sony PSP

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