Game Profile - Metal Slug X on Sony PS Vita

This game is an improved version of Metal Slug 2, adding the new “Iron Lizard” weapon that chases enemies and the “Drop Shot” weapon whose shots bounce.
It also adds many new enemies and allows players to adjust the game’s difficulty level by changing the position of bosses and other things. It includes several arranged production features such as changed backgrounds and some rearranged BGM.
It’s a solidly enjoyable game-play experience that offers Metal Slug 2 fans some new discoveries if they look for differences while they play.

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Game Information

Sony PS Vita
SNK Playmore
Arcade, Shooter
NA Release Date
January 18, 2013
JP Release Date
August 28, 2012
ESRB Rating
CERO Rating
MVGL User Score
Takushi Hiyamuta, Yoshihiko Wada

This game also exists on:
Arcade Neo Geo Playstation 1 Mobile Nintendo Wii PC Playstation 3 Sony PSP

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