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Take the battle to Earth as you fight against Zorgeuf's empire!

As the Commander of the allied Colonies, you must defeat the imperial forces in a series of battles. Lead the Metal Marines on intense raids against Zorgeuf and his empire as you build strong defenses, launch devastating missile strikes, and ultimately decide the fate of all nations.
In AD 2115, the Earth is shattered when a battle between nations starts a chain reaction of antimatter explosions. A federal military commander named Zorgeuf declares himself as Emperor and commands his army to take control of Earth during its weak state, and he is looking to expand his kingdom in space. To counter his attack, the space colonies have united to fight against Zorgeuf and his oppressive rule.
Embark on 20 missions of serious combat as you build structures of offense, defense, and support. Launch your troops against the opponent, and fight to win a peaceful future for Earth and the allied Colonies!

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Game Information

Nintendo Wii U
Namco Bandai Games
Real-Time Strategy
NA Release Date
May 7, 2015
JP Release Date
March 4, 2015
ESRB Rating
CERO Rating
MVGL User Score
Hiromi Shibano
Official Website

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PC Nintendo Super NES Nintendo Wii

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