Game Profile - Rampage 2: Universal Tour on Nintendo 64

They're Back! Oh No!
Your 3 favorite human-munching, badly-behaved mutants have been captured! Unfortunately, for the humans inhabiting planet Earth, brand new mutants have been sent to rescue George, Lizzy and Ralph. You'll meet Ruby the Lobster, Boris the Rhino and Curtis the Rat as they destroy cities in North America, Asia, and Europe! Get ready for destruction, mayhem, alien exterminations and the best buffet in town - the people of Earth! Hope you're hungry!

• New moves like the Ape Stomp, Fire Breath, Wolf Howl, Rhino Charge, Rat Bottom Feeder and Lobster Can Opener all add up to trouble!
• 6 characters, each equipped with an individual talent for demolishing people, places and each other! We've also added a couple of hidden dudes just to keep things interesting!
• Use your Rumple Pak and feel the tremors as your character stomps and chomps through places like the Capital Building in Washington, D.C. and the Space Needle in Seattle!
• Bonus Rounds! Take on your buddies in a Grudge Match, Squashing Contest, King of the Hill or any 5 exciting bonus rounds!


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Game Information

Nintendo 64
Avalanche Software
Midway Games
NA Release Date
March 31, 1999
ESRB Rating
MVGL User Score
Aubrey Hodges

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