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Bladestorm: Nightmare is a strategy game where the player takes the role of mercenary and chooses to fight either for England or for France in missions inspired by real events and battles of the era dubbed the Hundred Years War' (1337-1453). Adventure awaits in one of the lengthiest and most politically unstable periods in European history.

A new twist diversifies the classic strategy elements of the game, and effectively splits Bladestorm: Nightmare into two parts; Bladestorm: the historically accurate account of the 100 Years' War, and Nightmare: a fictional fantasy scenario that the army is comprised by mythical creatures (Dragons, Giants and Demons of various kinds).

● A Revolutionary Action Game! Control squads to drive your enemies into oblivion!
Players become a mercenary in the time of the Hundred Years War and lead a variety of squad types on his quest for victory. Troop types are wide and varied, with standard troops like footmen, bowmen, and horsemen to more exotic troops like elephant troops, cannon troops, and siege weapons.
Players control squads of men, using unique Actions to devastate the enemy for an innovative and thrilling experience. With each trooper, both enemy and ally, guided by its own AI, the savage clash between large forces are painted in breath-taking intensity and shocking reality.

● Thrilling Outcome by Strategically Controlling your Mass Army! Lead up to 200 men across 4 troops.
Players can switch between up to 4 squads. Switching between squads allow them to act over a wider area. Also, combining squads into an army of up to 200 men allow players to make powerful concerted attacks and combos based on the attacking squad.

● A Greatly Enhanced Story Mode! A new Nightmare story.
In the Hundred Years war, players enjoy a free mission system that allows them to experience the battle from the view points of both the English and the French. Meeting and interacting with such heroes of history as Joan of Arc and Edward, the Black Prince, brings the story to vivid life.
In addition to this, we have included an original Nightmare mode involving huge monsters such as dragons and cyclops. The heroes of history are called upon to fight once more, as England and France join together in common cause to fight mysterious monsters in an entirely new take on the world of the Hundred Years War.

● A New Game Experience! The latest tech and brand new elements!
The latest graphic technologies have been used to create the amazing battles of a Medieval battleground.
We will also include an online multiplayer function, a revised character edit mode and assorted other new features for an enjoyable new game experience.

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Game Information

Playstation 4
Omega Force
Koei Tecmo Games
Action, Real-Time Strategy, Strategy
NA Release Date
March 17, 2015
JP Release Date
January 29, 2015
EUR Release Date
April 20, 2015
AUS Release Date
April 20, 2015
ESRB Rating
PEGI Rating
CERO Rating
ACB Rating
MVGL User Score
Jamie Christopherson
Official Website

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