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A goat, imprisoned for witchcraft, must escape the treacherous Prison of Agnus. Take heart, for a friendly mouse accompanies you, and he can help in the most unexpected ways.

Does this place have a mind of its own?

With no combative abilities, you must use the environment to your advantage. A custom-built physics engine powers this mysterious place–watch as rooms rearrange themselves before your eyes.

● Over 50 rooms of puzzles, machinery and traps.
● Incredibly challenging bonus campaign for the truly masochistic, by guest level designer Zach Wadlin.
● Built-in Level Editor, so you can share your creations with friends! it’s as easy as sending a file.

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Game Information

Xbox 360
NA Release Date
November 2, 2011
MVGL User Score
Ian Stocker
Official Website

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PC Mac

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