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When the Rats are in charge, cats are simply lost!

The Rats wants revenge against their historical enemies, the Cats, and with your help, in Bad Rats, this will happen. On this game you'll need to find solutions to the puzzles, and help the Rats to execute their annihilation plans.

Bad Rats is a physics puzzle game. The Objective changes every map, but it's basically to make an object (the key) to hit another (the target), using real physics principles, as the objects weights, building levers, paths and others.
The levels' themes are fully varied, but completing a map will always result on a different annihilation of a cat, with some cartoon violence, cartoon blood and some cartoon body pieces flying around.

There are countless solutions for each map. And you, Which solution can you invent?

● Comic cartoon violence and cartoon blood!
● Realistic physics simulation.
● 45 Maps, from easy to very hard to solve.
● 10 Specialist Rats, anxious for revenge.
● 11 different and bloody deaths for cats.
● 10 other inanimate and functional objects to help you.
● Internet and local records.
● Original, cartoon styled characters.
● Challenge your creativity, intelligence and logic.
● Several hours of play and fun!

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Invent4 Entertainment
Invent4 Entertainment
NA Release Date
July 20, 2009
MVGL User Score
Márcio Stein
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