Desperados 2: Cooper's Revenge on PC

John Cooper's brother Ross Cooper, a USA Marshal, has been killed by a criminal known as "Angel Face" and John wants to avenge him. Along with his new ally Hawkeye, he gathers his friends once again and together they start looking for any clue that would lead them to Ross' killer. Soon they find out that John's brother was killed because he was investigating a plot between soldiers and Native Americans

John sends Doc to Eagle's Nest to find Sanchez and Sam. Upon his arrival Doc finds Sanchez tied to a tower upside down and Sam locked in a cell. A bandit named Rodriguez has taken over the Fort. Using a vantage point on a mountain to snipe as many enemies as possible Doc tries to find a way in. The front gate is locked so he shoots the rope Sanchez is tied and sneaks into the Fort from a hidden entrance not far from it. Sanchez is able to subdue the Fort, while Doc frees Sam from the jail. But there are still more bandits and Sanchez, Doc and Sam are forced to jump onto a rickety building from a high hill. Sanchez is unwilling to leave without getting revenge on Rodriguez so he, Doc and Sam subdue the fortress (again) find Rodriguez and hang him by the legs from the same tower as Sanchez was tied to.

They meet up with Kate and John at Santa Fe where John has agreed to help some settlers on a journey and provide protection. Later at a place known as the Eye of the Needle, they find a blockade of logs. Doc believes that if they disrupt the logs they fall into a trap, rather they should find another route. After several hours of waiting Kate gets frustrated but Doc proves his theory by shooting some of the logs and revealing some Native Americans behind it. After fending some of them off, Sam uses his dynamite to blow up some of the debris lying around and helps clear a path. Later they are attacked by more Native Americans but fend them off. They begin to notice that the Native Americans seem to have Yankee accents rather than that of Red Indians. Later they meet a U.S Marshal named Arthur Clarke who says he has a Native American prisoner, John requests if he could speak with the prisoner hoping he could shed some light on Ross' death but Clarke refuses saying John doesn't have a Marshal's star.



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Game Information

Spellbound Entertainment
Real-Time Strategy
NA Release Date
May 5, 2006
JP Release Date
March 12, 2008
EUR Release Date
April 28, 2006
AUS Release Date
May 12, 2006
ESRB Rating
PEGI Rating
ACB Rating
MVGL User Score
6.4 by 5 User(s)
MVGL Difficulty Rating
Medium by 3 User(s)
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10 User(s)

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