Wings of Vi is an action platform game in vein of Mega Man or Cave Story. The player controls the female angel named Vi, who battles through hordes of enemies with the ultimate objective of slaying the demon lord Jeh'Oul. The game is broken up into seven levels, each containing their own unique bosses, soundtrack, and environment. The primary goal of each level is to navigate through treacherous terrain, defeat enemies, and beat a boss to progress the story. Scattered throughout the world are secrets the player can collect by completing precise jumps or exploring hidden areas. These secrets are generally unlockable cosmetics, allowing players to customize Vi and create their own outfit. There are also secrets for companions, costumes, effects, and new weapons.



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Game Information

Action, Platformer
NA Release Date
November 28, 2014
JP Release Date
November 28, 2014
EUR Release Date
November 28, 2014
AUS Release Date
November 28, 2014
MVGL User Score
6.9 by 7 User(s)
MVGL Difficulty Rating
Hard by 4 User(s)
Ashton Morris
Official Website
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19 User(s)

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