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In the world of Puchi Carat, thieves stole the twelve gems that made the people's dreams come true. They sold them to evil sorcerers who used them to suppress the people. Now, a long time after these events, the gems came into the possession of twelve mysterious characters. Each one of them tries to get a hold of the remaining jewels to fulfill their dreams - some of them seek peace while others want to satisfy their hunger for power.

The player uses a paddle to direct a ball and destroy gem-stones in order to either clean one's play-area of gems, or to destroy as many gems as possible to add to the amount of gems in the other player's field. The amount of gems increases every once in a while and if the gems reach the line at the bottom of the play-area, the player loses. New rows of jewels also appear if the player is unable to catch the ball and it bounces off the floor on the very bottom of the screen.

The single player mode has four different variations. In trial mode, the player has to destroy a certain amount of rows to advance to the next level. Story mode pits the player against the computer in a split screen fashion. The third mode is time attack: here the player competes for the fastest time destroying 50 rows of gems. The final mode is called rapid mode where the player competes for the highest number of rows they destroyed.

It is also possible to play against a human opponent. In this mode, difficulty and handicaps can be selected by the players. The player who wins the most rounds is the winner of the multiplayer match.


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Game Information

Sony PS Vita
Taito Corporation
Taito Corporation
JP Release Date
September 24, 2012
CERO Rating
MVGL User Score
Yasuhisa Watanabe

This game also exists on:
Arcade Nintendo Gameboy Color Playstation 1 Playstation 3 Sony PSP

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