Pump It Up: The 1st Dance Floor on Arcade

Are you pumped enough to bust out some killer moves? Then step up to the challenge of Andamiro's Pump It Up! Select a song, and using the arrows (arranged like the dots of "five" on a six-sided dice) bust out some crazy moves!

A dancing/exercise game that allows players to move their bodies in time with selected music.

Select a song, and using the arrows (and center panel), step to the beat along with the arrows as they scroll up the screen. The better you dance, the better your chances of advancing to the next stage. But if you mess up too much, you are finished! Gameplay is similar to DDR but with the step arrows in the diagonal position. Successfully hitting the correct arrows on the dance platform fills the player's 'Dance Gauge', while failing to do so will deplete it. If the Dance Gauge reaches empty the player will fail the song.
Completing the song takes the player to the Results Screen which gives them a graded summary of their performance.
The game features Easy, Hard, Double, Nonstop Remix and Battle game boards.

Using different arrow combinations before picking the song can add different effects to the gameplay, like speed up, vanish, and mirrored the arrows on screen and more.

This first version of the game features 15 normal songs, and 4 nonstop remixes.

Song List:
- BanYa - Ignition Starts
- BanYa - Hypnosis
- Fin.K.L - Forever Love
- Yu Seung Jun - Passion
- Turbo - Black Cat
- Sechskies - Pom Pom Pom
- Honey Family - The Rap: Act 2
- Clon - Come To Me
- Clon - Funky Tonight
- Monochrome - What Do U Really Want?
- Novasonic - Hatred
- Novasonic - Another Truth
- Drunken Tiger - I Want U
- Uhm Jung Hwa - I Don't Know Anything
- Park Mee Kyung - No Particular Reason
- Fin.K.L/Cleo/Park Mee Kyung - 1st Diva Remix
- Uhm Jung Hwa/Jo Sung Mo/Park Mee Kyung - 1st Disco Remix
- Kim Gun Mo/Clon/Sechskies - 1st Techno Remix
- Turbo - Turbo Remix
- BanYa - Battle 1 Hip-Hop
- BanYa - Battle 2 Disco
- BanYa - Battle 3 Techno
- BanYa - Battle 4 Hard Core


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JP Release Date
September 20, 1999
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7.0 by 1 User(s)
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