Doom 3: The Lost Mission on PC

Doom 3: The Lost Mission is an expansion pack for Doom 3 released along with Doom 3: BFG Edition on October 16, 2012. It was sold as an included bonus in BFG Edition for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and is only available through purchasing the BFG Edition.

It consists of 8 new levels, most of which were originally cut from Doom 3 (hence its title). The campaign features a new story with new voice acted log entries, as well as weapons and enemies from both Doom 3 and Resurrection of Evil.

In The Lost Mission, the player takes the role of the last surviving member of Bravo team, which was seen being ambushed by demons in Doom 3. The Bravo team survivor is contacted by Dr. Richard Meyers, a scientist working on teleportation experiments in Exis Labs, and asked to help Meyers destroy an experimental teleportation array that was captured by the demons and is currently held deep inside Hell. The array is potentially powerful enough to send an army of demons all the way to Earth, hence Meyer's desperation to destroy it. To achieve this goal, the marine must acquire the components necessary to activate the Exis Labs teleportation system, then travel to Hell in order to destroy the teleportation array.



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Game Information

id Software
Bethesda Softworks
First Person Shooter, Horror
NA Release Date
October 16, 2012
JP Release Date
November 22, 2012
EUR Release Date
October 16, 2012
AUS Release Date
October 15, 2012
MVGL User Score
6.3 by 9 User(s)
MVGL Difficulty Rating
Medium by 5 User(s)
Clint Walsh
Added by
12 User(s)

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