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A side-scrolling shoot-'em-up, Gate of Thunder asks players to take control of the space-craft "Hunting Dog". You fly left-to-right mostly, with occasional vertically-scrolling sections, and use several different weapon styles to defeat your many foes. Along with Esty in her ship the "Wild Cat", you must defeat the forces of General Don Jingi, who has plans of taking energy from the star of Aries.

Gate of Thunder allows players to choose in real-time from three weapon-fire types. A blue-coloured electrical fire, a green-coloured wave-fire, and a red-coloured quake-type fire. Along with this, players obtain homing-missiles and the assistance of the "Wild Cat" which orbits the ship separately.


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Game Information

Playstation 3
RED Entertainment
Hudson Soft
JP Release Date
March 17, 2010
CERO Rating
MVGL User Score
Naoko Wada

This game also exists on:
TurboGrafx CD Nintendo Wii Sony PSP Sony PS Vita

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