Game Profile - Lode Runner on Mobile

You're a highly trained Galactic Commando, deep in enemy territory. Your mission: to recover a fortune in gold, stolen from the Bungeling people by their power-hungry leaders.

You'll be running, jumping, and climbing heroically, solving perplexing puzzles. With your laser pistol, you'll drill passageways through stone floors and barriers. To get through this mission alive, you'll need more than fleet feet and good looks. You'll need your quick wits and brains.
And more than just a little luck.


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Game Information

Living Mobile
Living Mobile
Action, Puzzle
NA Release Date
June 8, 2003
JP Release Date
June 8, 2003
EUR Release Date
June 8, 2003
AUS Release Date
June 8, 2003
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Nintendo NES MSX Commodore 64 Nintendo Gameboy Advance Nintendo DS Zx Spectrum Arcade WonderSwan Playstation 1 Xbox 360 Atari TurboGrafx-16 PC Mac Sharp X68000

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