Lemmings on Nintendo Gameboy

Thousands of Lemming are on the loose, marching towards extinction unless you can save them. Without minds of their own, they are completely helpless, faithfully following their leader through 100 levels of blazing fires, endless canyons, deadly tunnels and ancient ruins. One thing's for sure: their future lies in your hands, because beyond every obstacle awaits certain disaster. Lose one Lemming and you risk losing them all!

You can command the Lemmings to dig, climb, tunnel, float and build their way to safety. But you have to be fast, because with each moment you hesitate, more Lemmings may drop from above!



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Game Information

Nintendo Gameboy
DMA Design
Ocean, Imagineer
NA Release Date
August 29, 1994
JP Release Date
September 23, 1993
EUR Release Date
June 29, 1993
MVGL User Score
MVGL Difficulty Rating
Tim Wright, Brian Johnston
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