Game Profile - Spy vs. Spy on Commodore 64

It's Heckel and Jackel, those MAD, zany, black and white spies from everyone's favorite magazine! This time, they're on missions that will provide you and a friend with hours of fun. Five important items have been hidden in a series of rooms. One spy must get the items and escape to the airport... before the timer runs out! Catch the other spy and knock him silly with powerful punches and kicks. Or use the spy traps to booby trap doors, pictures and bookcases. If the other spy hits the trap... Kaboom! It's espionage, intrigue and madcap fun... only from Sega!


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Game Information

Commodore 64
First Star Software
Wicked Software
Action, Puzzle
NA Release Date
July 17, 1984
EUR Release Date
July 17, 1984
MVGL User Score
Nick Scarim, Hiroyuki Masuno

This game also exists on:
Nintendo NES Nintendo Gameboy Color Sega Master System Amiga Atari Zx Spectrum Sharp X68000

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