Septerra Core: Legacy of the Creator on PC

Enter a world where the laws of nature work in strange new ways, allowing continents to orbit at different elevations around the planet. Living battleships float overhead and Junk Pirates roam the darkness. This is a world whose very Core is a living computer, quietly watching over the fruits of its master’s creation.
On the Outer Shell Layer above, the ancient society of the Chosen live an extravagant lifestyle, consuming mass amounts of energy and dumping their waste onto the Layers below. They have discovered secrets about the world in which they live, and begin a descent towards the inner Core, caring not who gets in their way.

In Septerra Core: Legacy of the Creator players will encounter intriguing puzzles, strong character development and fast paced strategic combat, all driven forward by a story which takes place in an original, highly detailed fantasy world.

● Hundreds of locations for players creates a large, fully explorable world with seven continents.
● Highly developed storyline and characters offer fifteen chapters of gameplay.
● Simple interface allows players to tap into the complex options of the game, without overly complex menus.
● In addition to the main character, players may choose from eight companions, each with a unique background story, motivation and skill set.
● Engage enemies in a combat system that has all the strategy of turn based combat, but keeps the game fast paced.
● Over 140 NPCs that respond to your characters with over 5 hours of recorded dialog.
● Experiment with item combinations to create over 100 spell effects by collecting a deck of "Fate Cards."
● Large 16-bit backgrounds that are natural and non-repetitive.
● Hundreds of Items and Weapons allow you to tweak out your characters.
● Highest quality production, including 640x480 graphics, 16-bit color, completely recorded dialogue and fully animated movie sequences.



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Game Information

Valkyrie Studios
Monolith Productions, TopWare Interactive
NA Release Date
October 31, 1999
EUR Release Date
December 1, 1999
ESRB Rating
PEGI Rating
MVGL User Score
8.7 by 3 User(s)
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6 User(s)

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