The Guild 2: Venice on PC

The Guild 2: Venice is the second add-on to The Guild 2 but doesn't require the main game to play.

As in the original game, the player creates a character with different stats and choice of profession at the beginning of a session and then has to build a dynasty with him and climb the social ladder. Each character of the player's dynasty is controllable, has it's own stats and earns experience points by successfully accomplishing tasks and milestones. These are not only used to increase his stats but also to level up overall. This allows the character to learn new talents and increases his power, allowing him to buy higher level buildings and such. But that's not enough, since the player also needs to earn or buy titles like baron or earl in order to get more privileges like taking an office or getting the permission to build a bigger home. And of course trading is the biggest source of income to do all that.

This time the player can try to build his dynasty in Venice, Trieste and the surrounding areas featuring not only the corresponding buildings like the Palazzo Ducale but also an adjusted choice of goods to produce or buy and bargain with. To accompany this change, new professions have been added to the game. Other changes include a refined way to make artifacts, additional plans for new artifacts and new interaction possibilities in your own house.



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Game Information

4HEAD Studios
JoWooD Productions, DreamCatcher Interactive
NA Release Date
October 7, 2008
EUR Release Date
November 28, 2008
ESRB Rating
PEGI Rating
MVGL User Score
Tilman Sillescu, Alexander Roder, Markus Schmidt
Official Website
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