Hard Reset Redux is an action-packed and hardcore single-player shooter which embraces the best qualities that the genre has it offer. It includes over-the-top destruction, loads of enemies, great weapon variety, a challenging campaign and a beautifully realized cyberpunk setting.

Having been originally developed to shake-up the shooter scene in its original release, Hard Reset now returns to do it again on a new generation of hardware. The acclaimed First-Person Shooter returns fully upgraded, and more beautifully challenging than ever. Hard Reset Redux is a brand new version of the cyberpunk classic that includes all the content of previous editions, and adds new improved gameplay, enhanced visuals and additional content to make this the Definitive Edition of Hard Reset.



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Game Information

Flying Wild Hog
Gambitious Digital Entertainment
First Person Shooter
NA Release Date
June 3, 2016
JP Release Date
June 3, 2016
EUR Release Date
June 3, 2016
AUS Release Date
June 3, 2016
MVGL User Score
7.0 by 12 User(s)
MVGL Difficulty Rating
Medium by 2 User(s)
Wojciech Blazejczyk
Official Website
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20 User(s)

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Playstation 4 Xbox One

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