Tales of Link on Mobile

Tales of Link is a spinoff mobile game available for iOS and Android containing many characters from the popular Tales Of game series. Many elements from the main series return in Tales of Link such as artes, skills, mystic artes, gald, costumes, boss battles, and much more! There are two versions of the game: one based in Japan and a Global version.

The setting of the story is Liafyse, a world where deities watch over the people of the land and maintain peace. This peace ends when an unknown entity enters the shrine of the heavens and destroys the seal on the seeds of ruin. The seeds then scatter across the world, leaving havoc in their wake.



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Game Information

Bandai Namco Games
Bandai Namco Games
NA Release Date
April 5, 2016
JP Release Date
March 3, 2014
EUR Release Date
April 5, 2016
AUS Release Date
April 5, 2016
PEGI Rating
MVGL User Score
6.8 by 13 User(s)
MVGL Difficulty Rating
Medium by 5 User(s)
Added by
16 User(s)

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