Stunt Race FX on Nintendo Super NES

The updated Super FX chip allows you to shift into high gear! Get behind the wheel of a formula racer, a 4WD monster truck, a subcompact or a motorcycle. Each will provide a unique driving experience. Choose from over 20 pedal-to-the-metal Trax. There are the no-holds-barred Speed Trax where you hone your skills and progress from a novice to a master. Stunt Trax provides an obstacle course rally complete with ups, downs and jumps. Battle Trax means head-to-head conflict in surprising terrain. For speed, variety, action and fun, Stunt Race FX finishes far ahead of the competition!



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Game Information

Alternative Titles
Wild Trax, ワイルドトラックス
Nintendo Super NES
Nintendo EAD, Argonaut Software
NA Release Date
October 10, 1994
JP Release Date
June 4, 1994
EUR Release Date
October 27, 1994
MVGL User Score
6.1 by 10 User(s)
MVGL Difficulty Rating
Medium by 5 User(s)
Shinobu Amayake
Added by
13 User(s)

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Nintendo Switch

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