The Feeble Files on Amiga

You are Feeble, or rather you're a down-trodden Grenelon who just happend to be called Feeble...
On his way home after another successful day creating crop circles to amuse and etertain the simple people of that backwayd planet "Earth", Feeble suffers a slight mishap in his spaceship which results in the utter destruction of a rather important Company research laboratory. The one run by his boss, in fact.
If that wasn't bad enough, whilst drowning his sorrows in the local Space Bar, he somehow manages to get himself involved with the shadowy Freedom Fighters, a crack team of rebels who seek to overthrow the tyrannous regime of the OmniBrain, Ruler of Everything.
What follows is an epic space adventure in an attempt to right his previous wrongs and save the universe from a fate worse than life.

Super VGA Silicon Graphics rendered animation, 16 bit stereo sound and a plot of epic proportions take this adventure into a different galaxy. An audio visual treat, an intellectual challenge and awesome to play.
Wiity and humourous but with dark undertones, the Feeble Files contains acts of betrayal, intrigue, revolution and even a bit of cross dressing. Not to mention some totally unique features like Oracle - an ever increasing encyclopedia of helpful background information. Add to that around eighty locations to visit, six thousand voice lines to interact with, there should be plenty to keep everyone happy without the aid of organic chemical supplements.

● Great references to dystopia-themed books and movies.
● A captivating story full of dark humor, set in a world you wouldn't like to live in.
● Original and memorable characters that will fascinate, surprise and often repulse you.


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Adventure Soft, e.p.i.c. Interactive Entertainment
e.p.i.c. Interactive Entertainment
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February 8, 2002
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David R. Punshon
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