Kaan: Barbarian's Blade on PC

"It was an age which has long since forgotten. It was a time in which Kaan was destined to become the Champion of the Kingdoms. I am the only one who can recount his story. Let me enlighten you..."

Tothum Sliptet, the sorcerer with evil powers, has stolen the Orb of Hope. The young Barbarian Kaan volunteers to recover it and is then caught up in a arduous hunt, confronting skeletons, sorcerors, bearmen and huge monsters in this breathtaking quest to return the Orb.

● From the towns of Asaquan to the Syrkonian lands, you must leap, dodge, charge and master several different weapons, such as the long sword, hammer and jet axe.
● Become a master of the blade: Kaan masters many different combinations and special attacks.
● Explosive 3D action: perfect flow and remarkable special effects throughout the adventure, with attacks involving up to 8 enemies at the same time.
● Extend the adventure by fighting in Arena mode against dozens of enemies and take on an additional tribe quest with bonuses scattered throughout 17 levels of the game.


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Game Information

Eko Software
DreamCatcher Interactive
Action, Adventure
NA Release Date
May 23, 2004
EUR Release Date
November 1, 2002
ESRB Rating
PEGI Rating
MVGL User Score
6.0 by 1 User(s)
MVGL Difficulty Rating
Easy by 1 User(s)
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2 User(s)

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