The aim of "The Settlers" is to develop a working and successful colony, in a world which allows the player to get lost in the exhilarating medieval fantasy atmosphere which the game creates. The lifeline of any civilization relies upon the creation of small settlements, the exchange of goods and services and the production of food. Cut trees, work in mines, produce weapons and tools, deliver building materials, defend your land and castles, attack your enemies, provide work for your people and much, much more... It is possible to create up to 64,000 people in your kingdom. Each one will behave as an individual and will perform a different task, that can be watched at every time during gameplay.

The Settlers is a 1 or 2 player game - 2 players can compete simultaneously on screen together or together against the computer - depending on your computers' specification up to 64,000 "tiny people" will be displayed - 20 different jobs and 5 different knights - 30 missions - 10 additional training duties - computer-generated sceneries - lots of fun, lasting for months.



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Alternative Titles
Die Siedler
Blue Byte Software
Blue Byte Software
EUR Release Date
June 30, 1993
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7.0 by 3 User(s)
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Haiko Ruttmann
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3 User(s)

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