DUELYST is the ultimate collectible tactics game.

Head-to-head matches last between five and ten minutes, and focus on thoughtful decision-making and strategic positioning. Players are rewarded with new battle units every monthly season.

Assemble your battle deck from over 800 cards across 6 unique Factions and test your mettle against other players online in ranked season ladder and draft mode tournaments.
Key Features

Infinite Depth: With a tactical battlefield, positioning of your units truly matters. And with over 500 battle units, no battle will ever be the same!

Lightning-Fast Matches: Online matches last from five to ten minutes. Get your competitive fix anytime during the day!

Competitive: Play against players of equal skill on the monthly Season Ranked Ladder. Or compete in the Gauntlet Draft Mode, where the longer you last, the better the rewards!

Classic Pixel Art Aesthetic: Bright and detailed pixel art for all Generals and Cards with full 16-bit spell and effect animations.

Immersive Lore: Expansive codex and history spanning 30,000 years to uncover the mysteries of the denizens of Mythron. Jump down the rabbit hole!

Competitive head-to-head turn-based battles at its best!



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Game Information

Counterplay Games
Bandai Namco Entertainment
Card & Board, Strategy
NA Release Date
August 24, 2016
JP Release Date
August 24, 2016
EUR Release Date
August 24, 2016
AUS Release Date
August 24, 2016
ACB Rating
MVGL User Score
6.8 by 10 User(s)
MVGL Difficulty Rating
Hard by 6 User(s)
Ben MacDougall
Official Website
Added by
15 User(s)

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