Kung-Fu Heroes on Nintendo Wii U

Kung-Fu masters Jacky and Lee return to their kingdom from a long trip. They discover that in their absence, Princess Min-min has been kidnapped and the 10 treasures of the kingdom stolen. Jacky and Lee must fight their way into eight different castles in order to defeat the monsters and rescue the princess.

Kung-Fu Heroes is a top-down action game for one or two players. Each ninja has the ability to move in any of four directions: up, down, left and right, as well as punch directly in front of them and do a "Moon Sault Kick" whereby they jump and somersault directly in front. Defeating a certain number of enemies on each level will open the doorway into the next level. Occasionally extra passages can be found to take shortcuts through areas with stronger enemies. At times, defeated enemies will leave power-ups behind which either player can collect in order to increase their abilities temporarily.



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Game Information

Alternative Titles
Super Chinese
Nintendo Wii U
Culture Brain
Culture Brain, Namco
Action, Arcade
NA Release Date
January 26, 2017
JP Release Date
July 23, 2014
EUR Release Date
March 5, 2015
AUS Release Date
March 5, 2015
ESRB Rating
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ACB Rating
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Shunichi Mikame
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