Beyblade Burst on Nintendo 3DS

Beyblade Burst is the third generation of the Beyblade franchise, succeeding the Metal Saga.

Beyblade Burst utilises a new "Burst Gimmick", where a Beyblade top will explode when it has been weakened enough by the opposing Beyblade. Burst tops are composed of three parts:

- Energy Layer - The layer acts as the upper wheel of contact between two Beyblade tops. Each wheel has its own design with a preference to one of four types: Attack, Defense, Stamina and Balance.

- Forge Disc - The disk is the main weight of the Beyblade and provides additional contact points for the top. The designs on these wheels will help the top in one of the four types.

- Performance Tip - The driver is the bottom part of the Beyblade and serves as the basis of the new system. The Performance Tip determines the height of the Beyblade and the style of tip that the Beyblade spins on. When the Beyblade receives a large attack, the track bursts, loosening the grip keeping all the parts together to allow them to fall apart. This signifies that it has lost the battle.



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November 10, 2016
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