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ShootMania Storm is a first person shooter where players must eliminate opponents by shooting at them to earn points. The game lets the player control movement with the arrow keys, aim with the mouse, fire their weapon with the left mouse button, jump with the right mouse button and respawn with enter. Every player starts with the same weapon: a gun that fires orbs. The gun can overheat if used abusively, in which case it will have to cool down.

There is one default weapon that all players start out with, which shoots slow moving projectiles. Maps can include special areas where players can use other weapons, so long as they stay within those areas. There is no inventory management, and weapons can't run out of ammo; they only overheat. The jump ability also has a cooldown time and holding down the jump button makes the character glide or move faster along the ground. Furthermore, there are no killstreaks or classes. There also isn't any respawn time, so players can automatically respawn by hitting enter if they ever get stuck in the environment.

Shootmania is primarily a multiplayer shooter and game modes that can be played online include Battle (standard team deathmatch) as well as King of the Hill. Editing tools allow map creators to establish their own game modes as well.

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April 10, 2013
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