Wrestle Kingdom on Xbox 360

Wrestle Kingdom uses a modified engine seen in previous Yuke's games, the WWE Day of Reckoning series. While not as simulation-based as its Japanese contemporaries, it is also not as frantic and arcade-like as its American counterparts.

Wrestle Kingdom has the basic wrestling video game matches, including singles, tag teams, triple threats, fatal four ways, and battle royals. No specialty matches are featured.

The defining mode in Wrestle Kingdom is the Drama mode. In this mode, players must create a wrestler and train under one of the top stars from each promotion. As they go, they must train to improve their stats. This is the only way to unlock more moves.

Towards the end, the player will pick from a list of promotional titles or tournaments, such as the G1 Climax. Depending on which the player selects, they can unlock certain wrestlers and unlock their trainer's move set.



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Alternative Titles
Ressuru Kingudamu, レッスルキングダム
Xbox 360
Fighting, Sports
JP Release Date
December 22, 2005
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Playstation 2

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