Lego Creator is a computer sandbox game for Microsoft Windows that involves building with virtual Lego elements. The game has no missions, objectives, challenges, or money constraints.

In addition to the regular bricks in an assortment of colors, there are specified "Action Bricks" that move or make noise. Such examples include a Hinge, Propeller, and Siren. There is also a "Destructa Brick"(LEGO Copyright), in a form of a no-stud 1x2 tile brick with an image of dynamite. This can be used to destroy models in Play Mode, although they will automatically rebuild when returning to Build Mode. Minifigures can also be used, and can stand, sit (for controlling vehicles), or walk. They, too are customizable. They can even be set to drive vehicles set to a path or road. In play mode, environments can go from day to night. LEGO documented the means and encouraged open editing of the sounds they made when bumping into others or in random chatter. Their default speech was a form of jibberish simplifying localisation.


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Lego Media
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October 26, 1998
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5.2 by 6 User(s)
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