If cars can be used for racing, why not airplanes? Plane Crazy puts this theory to the test, as eight brave pilots (Nemesis, Big Red, Tsunami, Bustin' Bear, Slippy, Swifty, Duke, and Chub) take to the skies. Choose one of three planes (with different handling characteristics), which can be upgraded (and downgraded) during the race by collecting tokens.

There are 9 distinct courses:

- 5 point-to-point tracks (Boulder Dash, Dockland Dive, Monument Rush, Volcano Rapids, and Sin City Run)
- A bonus multi-lap course
- 3 practice courses

Each course has its own hazards such as skyscrapers, waterfalls and trees. There are also short cuts to be found.

You can choose three types of races:

- Quick Race: against the other 8 pilots in a track of your choice
- Ghost Race: where you race against a "ghost" plane, trying to beat your own time
- Championship: where you race the 5 main circuits in order, earning prizes that allow you to buy upgrades to your plane.

You can also play against other players via LAN or over HEAT.NET.



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Inner Workings
Flying, Racing, Simulation
NA Release Date
September 30, 1998
EUR Release Date
January 1, 1998
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Keith Hawley
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Playstation 1

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