Follow the Reader on PC

Follow the Reader is one of the educational games in a series of games for children featuring Disney Characters. This game aims to give players a practice in reading through an interactive storybook experience.

The game offers players the opportunity to live one day as Mickey Mouse. Players can select different actions which will be read by a narrator as Mickey does the actions chosen by the player. Most of the game takes place in Mickey's house with Mickey being able to play musical instruments, order a pizza, watch TV, read a book or a magazine, cook, eat and drink whatever he has, feed his dog Pluto, as well as plant seeds and water them. He can also take care of his hygiene, write letters to his friends and give them calls.

Mickey can invite his friends over to his house or go on a picnic with one of his friends to the park or the beach. The game ends once Mickey goes to bed.



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Walt Disney Computer Software
Educational, Point and Click
NA Release Date
May 1, 1993
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Edwin Dolinski
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