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Tasokare Hotel is a visual novel with adventure game elements and character interrogation, similar to the Ace Attorney series.

In this game, players take the role of Neko Tsukahara, a girl who has lost her life and all memories of who she is and how she died. She woke up and found herself in a hotel called Tasokare (Who is that?)

According to the hotel manager, those who died while losing their memories wind up at this hotel and, Neko, finding that there's not much to do in the hotel decides to work there in an attempt to kill time, find out who she is and help other guests find that out as well in order to go back to Earth or move on to the afterlife.

The gameplay consists of reading through text, making choices to branch out the story, finding, combining and using items when necessary, as well as interrogating other characters to unveil their secrets.

The game also offers an idle clicking mini-game where players tap on trash that accumulates in Neko's room and she cleans it up. Sometimes, in order to progress through the main game, players will need to accumulate enough experience points in the idle clicking mini-game. They may also find coins hidden under the trash which they can use to unlock artwork, BGM and extra character info.

The game is available free of charge, but each chapter is divided into short stories which cost tickets to unlock. Players are given 5 free tickets every day and can order extra tickets if they wish to complete the game faster. The game gives players the artwork and gallery content as a bonus if they complete each chapter within a certain time, alternatively, players can buy the additional content using coins. There's also a gacha which can be played for free for up to 6 times a day, giving players coins, tickets and bells, which are used to quickly gain experience in the mini-game.



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Game Information

Alternative Titles
Adventure, Visual Novel
NA Release Date
January 9, 2019
JP Release Date
December 19, 2017
EUR Release Date
January 9, 2019
AUS Release Date
January 9, 2019
ESRB Rating
MVGL User Score
8.0 by 3 User(s)
MVGL Difficulty Rating
Medium by 2 User(s)
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