SYNTHETIK: Legion Rising on PC

SYNTHETIK is an unforgiving shooter rogue-lite in a world overrun by machines. Battle from floor to floor, defeat relentless robotic forces, experience the next level in gun-play and shape your own experience by experimenting with powerful items and modifiers. Can you defeat the Heart of Armageddon?

You love repetitive low skill one-button shooters? You don’t bother with Character progression and tactical decisions, your RNG is great anyway? Enjoy using the same few low damage weapons which all feel the same? We neither. Synthetik may be your game!

With Synthetik we wanted to bring new depth and mechanics to the genre while leaving a lot of freedom for experimentation and different playstyles. It is inspired by the late 90’s Era of games when people put in all the Features they enjoyed without streamlining to the bare minimum.



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goinbacktotangierApril 08, 2020 @ 12:53 pm
cool as fuck game
Game Information

Flow Fire Games
Flow Fire Games
Action, Shooter
NA Release Date
March 16, 2018
JP Release Date
March 16, 2018
EUR Release Date
March 16, 2018
AUS Release Date
March 16, 2018
MVGL User Score
8.0 by 11 User(s)
MVGL Difficulty Rating
Hard by 6 User(s)
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