River City Girls on Xbox One

Someone’s getting River City’s biggest beatdown when these girls find whoever nabbed their boyfriends!

There's trouble once again on the mean streets of River City, but this time the boys are in over their heads!

In this all-new entry in the legendary beat-'em-up series, hot-blooded heroes Kunio and Riki have been captured, leaving it to their hard-hitting girlfriends, Kyoko and Misako, to serve up some payback. As you punch and kick your way across town - either solo or with a friend in local co-op - you'll gain new skills, chow down on power-ups, wield an assortment of weapons, and unleash an arsenal of combos, throws, and special attacks that will leave the bad guys crying for mama - all in outrageous 16-bit style!

The awesome action is punctuated by manga story panels, anime cutscenes, and an epic synth-pop soundtrack. It’s an old-school rumble for a new generation!

Key Features:

● Wild beat-'em-up action for one or two players!

● Glorious pixel-art graphics plus anime and manga cutscenes!

● Fantastic soundtrack featuring Chipzel, Christina Vee, and NateWantsToBattle!

● Six large city regions to fight through, complete with shops and side quests!

● Loads of weapons, items, and abilities to power-up your heroines!

● Guest appearances by classic River City characters!



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Game Information

Alternative Titles
熱血硬派くにおくん外伝 River City Girls, 热血硬派国夫君外传 River City Girls, 열혈 경파 쿠니오군 외전 리버시티 걸즈
Xbox One
WayForward, Arc System Works
Action, Adventure, Arcade, Beat 'em Up, Fighting
NA Release Date
September 5, 2019
JP Release Date
September 5, 2019
EUR Release Date
September 5, 2019
AUS Release Date
September 5, 2019
ESRB Rating
PEGI Rating
CERO Rating
ACB Rating
MVGL User Score
8.0 by 6 User(s)
MVGL Difficulty Rating
Medium by 3 User(s)
Megan McDuffee, Niamh Houston (Chipzel), Dale North, Cristina Vee, Natewantstobattle
Official Website
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6 User(s)

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Nintendo Switch PC PlayStation 4 Xbox Series X/S PlayStation 5

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