Record of Agarest War on PlayStation 3

It was the end of the age of gods... An age that ended when the door to oblivion was opened.
There were five continents in the world of Agarest, each one pierced by a great pillar that towered toward the sky.
These soaring monuments were the gods themselves.

The beginning of our story and the end of the age of myth find their start on the continent of Lucrellia when a young man named Leonhardt sacrifices everything, even his future and his children, to protect an elven girl. At death's door, he pledges himself to a contract...
...A contract to become the Spirit Vessel; to join with the pillar that supports the world, along with the maidens who carry the blood of the gods. Death foretold... Destiny inherited...
This is the final tale of the gods; a story woven in souls across generations...

● Soul Breed System - Tired of just living through one lifetime in typical RPG titles? Then witness the Soul Breed system! Choose a bride at the end of your adventure and give birth to the hero of the next generation!
● Collaborative Attacks! - Position your forces on the battlefield and wait for the right moment to string together massive combo attacks using multiple party members—both in melee and at range!
● Epic SRPG with Ginormous Game Time! - Record of Agarest War spans over 100 hours of gameplay, not including side/bonus missions!
● Link Gauge System - The fate of Agarest is in your hands as the Link Gauge tracks your actions and alters the future world based on how you play! Will you get the blonde girl or the red-head?!


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Game Information

PlayStation 3
Compile Heart, Red Entertainment
Aksys Games
RPG, Strategy
NA Release Date
April 27, 2010
JP Release Date
September 27, 2007
EUR Release Date
October 30, 2009
ESRB Rating
PEGI Rating
CERO Rating
MVGL User Score
6.1 by 16 User(s)
MVGL Difficulty Rating
Hard by 2 User(s)
Kenji Kaneko
Official Website
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45 User(s)

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