Sleeping Dogs: Nightmare in North Point on Xbox Series X/S

Included in Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition. Nightmare in North Point is a story DLC for Sleeping Dogs, taking place after the events of the main game. It features a new story line that changes the mood of the game to something akin to humorous horror-themed B-movie. The story begins one night when Wei Shen and Not Ping, one of the girls from the original game, are going out. All of a sudden, a ghost named Smiley Cat appears and abducts the girl. He also sends undead minions after Wei Shen and turns Hong Kong population into possessed zombies. It is soon revealed that the ghost is actually a rival gangster who returned from the dead to get revenge on Sun On Yee triad.

The DLC features new content:

enemies - Chinese hopping vampires Jiang Shi and Yaoguai demons;
a weapon - wooden sword;
hidden shrines;
and other new content, including achievements / trophies.



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Game Information

Xbox Series X/S
United Front Games
Square Enix
Action, Third Person Shooter
NA Release Date
November 10, 2020
JP Release Date
November 10, 2020
EUR Release Date
November 10, 2020
AUS Release Date
November 10, 2020
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