Toy Pop on Sony PS Vita

Included in Namco Museum Vol. 1.

A two-player, maze-like game where you must open jars and boxes to save a friend trapped on the final level. Various weapons defeat different enemies.

The player ventures through 44 levels (Toy Pop uses the toy-themed term "Box" instead of "Level" to fit with the game's setting) collecting four gold hearts contained in jars in each level in order to advance. Along the way, the player must open gift-wrapped containers concealing weapons and score-increasing bonus items; these various weapons are used to defeat several different varieties of enemies, with many typically vulnerable to only one type of weapon.
The back story is that two dolls, Pino and Acha, have gone into the castle of the witch Majyo, who has kidnapped their friends. The game's opening cutscene reads "PINO AND ACHA ARE GOING TO MAJYO'S CASTLE TO SAVE FRIEND" before gameplay begins. The story culminates with a battle against Majyo in the 44th level.



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Sony PS Vita
NA Release Date
September 30, 2014
JP Release Date
December 11, 2013
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