Time and Eternity on PlayStation 3

It should have been a tale for the ages - a wedding between two who have never even shared a kiss... But our hero suffers a fatal wound at the hands of a mysterious band of assassins!
In that moment of crisis, Toki's second soul, Towa, emerges within to repel the intruders!

~ The Wedding Gets Attacked!

Everything was perfect - the wedding between the princess of Kamza and her knight in shining armor was all set. But then Princess Toki received a terrible divinitation: "Someone at your wedding will die." We soon discover that she is a "dual soul" and carries a second soul within her!

To reverse the attack on the wedding, Toki calls on her Time Magic and, together with Towa and the hero, travels back into the past!

~The Wedding Repeats!

The wedding is attacked and the heroic knight lays dying. Suddenly, we see Toki rewind time and go into the past to save his life! But time is a complicated thing, and going back ends up causing even more problems... As they try to break free of their destiny, what kind of future awaits them?

Toki or Towa, Who Will You Choose?
The time paradox and the truth of this story's reality lies in the nature of dual souls. A choice is thrust upon our hero, and he must decide... Who will he marry? Toki, or Towa? The story loops back on itself over and over as its spirals down the axis of time, sucking in characters from past and future!

In Time and Eternity, each and every character is expressed through detailed hand-drawn animation, even when running around exploring the world!
And let's not forget battle! Again, every frame of every action is hand-drawn, which creates a totally unique experience from beginning to end.

Battle - TOKI
Toki, our heroine, tackles a bevy of challenges in an effort to save the hero, and her wedding. In battle, it's important to understand which skills to unleash, and when. Blast through each enemy barrage using Toki's sword skills, time magic, and more!

Battle - TOWA
Towa, our other heroine, is a dual soul who shares Toki's body with her. Along with Toki and the hero, she'll face obstacle after obstacle on the way to their wedding day. You'll switch between Toki and Towa every time you level up. Towa's specialty is close combat, so let her take n enemies that might be a challenge for Toki!


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Game Information

PlayStation 3
NIS America
NA Release Date
July 16, 2013
JP Release Date
October 11, 2012
EUR Release Date
June 28, 2013
AUS Release Date
July 18, 2013
ESRB Rating
PEGI Rating
CERO Rating
ACB Rating
MVGL User Score
5.6 by 20 User(s)
MVGL Difficulty Rating
Easy by 1 User(s)
Yuzo Koshiro, Takeshi Yanagawa
Official Website
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